Breath as Meditation

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Meditation Monday’s #2

Breathing as Meditation

What if meditation were as easy as breathing?  It is!  Our breath is a multi-faceted miracle which most of us take for granted.  When we are connected to our breath and breathe more fully into the body, it is a natural reliever or stress, it is a great cardiovascular workout, and it keeps us calm and aware, just to name a few of it’s many benefits.

And you are breathing anyway, right?  Hopefully, lol.  What better way to begin to learn to meditate then using a few focused breaths.

However, most people do not breathe as fully into their body as they did in one day and age.  Their breathing is very shallow and many people either catch or hold their breath, especially when a stressful situation creeps up on them.  We can go without food for a good amount of time, water for a couple of days, we have reserves, but if we stop breathing for about five minutes, what happens?  Exactly!  Our being-ness can no longer exist in our body, and the body will cease to have life in it without the breath.

When we begin to focus on our breath in a meditative way, it allows us to let go of the stress and be present, centered, and aware.  Whenever you are feeling a little anxious or stressed, stop for a moment and take a deep breath.  Feel your belly fill up first and then your lungs.  As soon as you are finished inhaling, exhale completely and then repeat at least a few times.  Now, notice yourself more calm, more aware, and centered and focused on whatever task you have at hand.  How does it get any better than that?  Now we are ready to move forward with the rest of the day!

For more details watch the video!

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