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Meditation Monday’s #3

Starting your day being in conscious gratitude is a meditation unto itself and it allows you to be in a state of meditative bliss all day long.  There are many ways that we can meditate on gratitude and so many things to be grateful for.  One of the very special things to be grateful for is ourself.  How often do you forget to be grateful for you and all the wonderful things that you do and be?

This morning, I woke up and reminded myself of how grateful I am for everything, all the people in my life, my friends and family, my dog, my apartment, the Earth, my creations in my life and my business, and for myself too.  It is super amazing how it really changes your day when you wake up and begin your morning with gratitude.

What does it look like to meditate on gratitude?  First, from wherever you are, take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through the nose.  Center into your body and expand out.  Now ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?”  Whatever comes up for you, start saying to yourself, “I am very happy and grateful for myself.  I am very happy and grateful for all the fabulous things I have created with my life.  I am beyond grateful for all my wonderful friends and family.”   It can be anything.  I like to repeat these statements at least three times each.

For today, you could focus on being grateful for you.  How many of us forget to be grateful for ourselves?  Sometimes it may be helpful to focus on one specific thing, especially when it comes to being grateful for yourself.  Interestingly, for most people gratitude for oneself is one of the most difficult things to be grateful for.

Check out that video to receive more details on “How to meditate on gratitude.”

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